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Guys Who Give

Become a part of a dynamic and inspired group of local men who are interested in making a meaningful impact in our local communities. Members come from all walks of life and varying financial backgrounds. Individually, it is challenging to make a significant difference– but together we have the ability to contribute to the growth and health of our communities in ways we never thought possible!

What is our mission?

Guys Who Give is a group of men with a desire to inspire and who are committed to making a difference in their local communities. The Mission is to reach out and help local charities with the funds they need to do the amazing work they are doing in their community. Collectively, the group can make a powerful impact to the charitable community and donate over $10,000 per quarter and $40,000 annually per market. This mission is accomplished by finding 100+ men to each contribute $100 at the quarterly events to benefit a chosen local charity that changes each quarter. All charities and organizations up for consideration must serve the county of the local chapter; the idea is to keep it local and have an impact that WE can SEE.

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Upcoming Events

8 May

Ingham County - MI



8 May

Jefferson County - CO



8 May

Hunterdon County - NJ



8 May

Ottawa County - MI



8 May

Four Corners - CO



8 May

Winnebago County - WI



8 May

Kent County - MI



8 May

Vancouver, Canada



8 May

Teton County - WY



8 May

Phoenix - AZ



8 May

Broomfield County - CO



8 May

Adams County - CO



8 May

Larimer County - CO



8 May

Kalamazoo County - MI



8 May

Douglas County - CO



8 May

Denver County - CO



8 May

Boulder County - CO



Make Change NOW!

Guys Who Give brings a lot of good into our world and our efforts are making a big impact on our local communities. Events are full of energy and a great place to meet new friends that share the same desire to inspire. The events were designed with busy life schedules in mind.

  • 2022

  • February - $90,350

  • May - $62,000

  • August - $78,550

  • November - $66,600

  • 2023

  • February - $78,100

  • May - $70,500

  • August - $88,700

  • November - $90,700

Nov 2023


Rise Against Suicide $12,300.00
Kalamazoo Nonprofit Advocacy Coalition $18,200.00
Christmas for Kids $4,150.00
Child Safe Colorado $6,300.00
CASA of Adam’s and Broomfield Counties $9,900.00
The Brighton United Senior Citizen Center $1,000.00
Slow Food in the Tetons $9,300.00
YMCA $2,850.00
Vancouver $3,000.00
The Arc Of Kent County $2,600.00
IFCS $7,350.00
Good Samaritan Center $2,200.00
Damascus Road Project $1,800.00
Ladder Homes $1,300.00
2xtreme Foundation $5,600.00
Flemington Area Food Pantry $2,150.00
Haven House $700.00

Aug 2023


TGTHR $12,000.00
Action Matters $19,200.00
Hazelbrook Community Center $4,600.00
Dementia Together $6,800.00
Building Warriors $6,200.00
Joyful Journeys Community Enrichment $1,700.00
St. John's Episcopal Church $16,700.00
Autism BC $2,100.00
Bridge Street Ministries $2,100.00
Sobriety House $5,950.00
Kingfisher Wild Land trust $2,000.00
NAMI Oshkosh $1,300.00
Hope Pkgs $1,300.00
PorchLight $4,200.00
Veteran's Haven North $1,950.00
Williamston MI Baseball Boosters $600.00

May 2023


Community Food Share $11,100.00
Josh Whitfield Athletic Fund $18,700.00
Avery's Light $5,900.00
iEmpathize $4,350.00
Brighton Youth Wrestling Club $1,600.00
Stripping for a Cure $10,100.00
HarbourLight Detox $1,800.00
HarbourLight Detox $1,800.00
Hunt 2 Heal $2,150.00
Bullying Recovery Resource Center $3,800.00
La Plata County Search and Rescue $1,900.00
Oshkosh Community Foundation $1,200.00
Eli J Boxing Club $1,000.00
Jeffco Eats $3,900.00
Musconetcong Watershed Association $1,200.00

Feb 2023


Veterans Community Project $12,700.00
Kalamazoo Soccer Club’s TOPSoccer $18,300.00
Food for Thought $3,500.00
3Hopeful Hearts $5,900.00
Daniel The Lion Fund $10,100.00
Ralston House $1,600.00
Coombs Foundation $9,900.00
Boys to Men $2,800.00
Lukemia Research Foundation $2,000.00
Conductive Learning Center $2,300.00
Backpack Society $5,400.00
The Hive Durango $2,100.00
Oshkosh Kids Foundation $900.00
LAUP $600.00

Nov 2022


Sister Carmen $12,000.00
Kairos Dwelling $18,600.00
High View $3,500.00
Pathways $6,500.00
Broomfield FISH $4,300.00
Daisy Chain Sanctuary $1,100.00
Climb Wyoming $9,400.00
Stepping Stone Foundation $2,400.00
Greater Vancouver Food Bank $2,000.00
Haven $2,400.00
South Metro Medical Equipment Loan Closet $1,100.00
SEED Studio $2,500.00
Sleep In Heavenly Peace $800.00

Aug 2022


Operation Birthday $13,000.00
Gilmore Community Healing Center $28,000.00
Thriving Families $3,500.00
Hope House Northern Colorado $5,800.00
Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association $7,500.00
Sparklking Kindness $1,500.00
City Kids $9,750.00
East Valley Dream Center $2,800.00
KidSafe $1,200.00
D.A Blodgett St. John's $2,900.00
Dress For Success $2,600.00

May 2022


Camp for Change $13,200.00
First Day Shoe Fund $15,200.00
Whiz Kids $3,500.00
Loveland's Community Kitchen $6,100.00
Grant A Dream Foundation $3,900.00
YMCA of Brighton $1,400.00
Honoring Our Veterans $8,500.00
Lucas John Foundation $3,200.00
ALSBC $2,000.00
Kids Food Basket $2,200.00
Hide in Plain Sight $2,800.00

Feb 2022


Community Foundation Boulder County Wildfire Fund (Boulder) $13,000.00
Girls on the Run (Kalamazoo) $16,300.00
City Lax (Denver) $4,700.00
Children's Speech and Reading Center (Larimer) $6,000.00
Cultivate (Broomfield) $3,600.00
Ascent Cognitive Education Center (Adams) $2,000.00
Bronc Backers (Teton) $7,000.00
ICAN (Phoenix) $4,300.00
New Beginnings Church (North Dallas) $26,000.00
Home Hospice of Vancouver (Vancouver) $1,500.00
The Give Mercy Project (Kent) $3,450.00
Showers For All (Douglas) $2,500.00

Nov 2021


Sloyd Expierience (Boulder) $12,400.00
Read and Write Kalamazoo (Kalamazoo) $14,400.00
African Community Center (Denver) $9,000.00
Grace Upon Grace (Larimer) $6,100.00
Rise Against Suicide (Broomfield) $3,000.00
Food For Hope (Adams) $2,100.00
Teton Youth and Family (Teton) $8,300.00
Together We Live (Phoenix) $3,500.00
Chosen Ones (North Dallas) $26,000.00
Beauty Night Society (Vancouver) $3,000.00
Safe Haven Ministries (Kent) $2,200.00
Brent's Place (Douglas) $2,500.00

Aug 2021


The Liv Project (Boulder) $13,400.00
AACORN (Kalamazoo) $16,800.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters (Denver) $4,800.00
Down For a Cure (Larimer) $6,700.00
CASA (Broomfield) $2,300.00
Growing Home (Adams) $2,300.00
The Seeing Eye (Morris) $3,500.00
Teton County Suicide Prevention (Teton) $9,200.00
Chai Foundation (Phoenix) $3,200.00
Denton Freedom House (North Dallas) $26,100.00
Three Rivers Band Boosters (Stjoe) $1,500.00
Vancouver $2,500.00
Sleep in heavenly Peace (Douglas) $3,000.00

May 2021


Louisville Rising (Boulder) $13,100.00
Local Love (Kalamazoo) $14,100.00
Big Idea Project (Denver) $5,200.00
Healing Warriors (Larimer) $7,500.00
Be The Gift (Broomfield) $3,200.00
Foster Source (Adams) $2,100.00
Foundations for Morristown Medical Center (Morris) $5,500.00
St. John's Health Foundation (Teton) $7,200.00
Arizona Friends of Foster Children (Phoenix) $3,600.00
Journey to Dream (North Dallas) $26,100.00
Three Rivers Public Library Friends (Stjoe) $1,800.00
South Haven Community Foundation (Vanburen) $1,700.00
Canucks Autism Network (Vancouver) $3,400.00
Logos Wilderness (Douglas) $3,900.00

Feb 2021


Coal Creek Meals on Wheels (Boulder) $13,000.00
Twelve Baskets (Kalamazoo) $14,600.00
PCs for People (Denver) $7,300.00
Finally Home (Larimer) $7,200.00
Joyful Journies (Broomfield) $3,300.00
Rampart Search and Rescue (Adams) $2,900.00
Sungate Kids (Arapahoe) $2,500.00
Interfaith Food Pantry Network (Morris) $5,500.00
Senior Center of Jackson Hole (Teton) $6,000.00
Harvest Campassion Center (Phoenix) $4,200.00
Ranch Hands Rescue (North Dallas) $26,300.00
Three Rivers Community Players (StJoe) $1,800.00
We Care (Vanburen) $1,800.00
Three Rivers Community Players (Vancouver) $1,700.00

Nov 2020


Collie's Closet (Boulder) $12,000.00
Lending Hands (Kalamazoo) $13,500.00
Buttons and Zippers (Denver) $12,600.00
Loveland’s Community Kitchen (Larimer) $6,000.00
Bal Swan’s Children Center (Broomfield) $2,900.00
CASA (Adams) $2,500.00
Food Bank of the Rockies (Arapahoe) $1,700.00
Morris County for Preschool Advantage (Morris) $4,600.00
Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center (Teton) $6,500.00
Raising Special kids AZ (Phoenix) $4,300.00
Journey To Dream (North Dallas) $500.00

Aug 2020


BraveHoods (Boulder) $12,400.00
Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes (Kalamazoo) $11,600.00
BASICS (Denver) $5,400.00
Empty Tomb Ministries (Larimer) $5,000.00
FRIENDS of Broomfield (Broomfield) $3,100.00
The Richard Lambert Foundation (Adams) $2,500.00
TACT Kids (Arapahoe) $3,000.00
Spring Street Community Development Corp (Morris) $4,200.00
Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding (Teton) $7,000.00
ICAN (Phoenix) $2,400.00
LASEY (North Dallas) $1,000.00

May 2020


CPWD (Boulder) $12,100.00
St. Luke's Diaper Bank (Kalamazoo) $11,600.00
Denver Kids (Denver) $6,200.00
Coronavirus Business Relief Fund (Larimer) $5,000.00
The ARC of Buncombe County (Asheville) $1,800.00
Broomfield Community Foundation (Broomfield) $3,500.00
Veterans Puppy for Life (Adams) $2,600.00
Gracefull Foundation (Arapahoe) $2,100.00
nourish.NJ (Morris) $4,600.00
One 22 (Teton) $4,900.00
Matthew's Crossing Food Bank (Phoenix) $3,500.00
Love Thy Neigbor Inc (Dallas) $800.00

Feb 2020


SPAN (Boulder) $15,100.00
Hope4Youth Cancer Foundation (Kalamazoo) $13,400.00
CASA (Denver) $7,500.00
Mountain View Make-a-wish (Larimer) $6,300.00
Carolina Brotherhood (Ashenville) $1,700.00
Two Angels Foundation (Broomfield) $3,400.00
Colorado 4x4 Rescue (Adams) $2,100.00
Cub Scout Pack 559 (Arapahoe) $1,400.00
Morristown Memorial Center (Morris) $5,100.00
Climb Wyoming (Teton) $8,600.00
Miracle League of Arizona (Phoenix) $3,600.00
Task Force Dagger (Dallas) $900.00

Nov 2019


Voices For Children (Boulder) $13,100.00
Housing Resources (Kalamazoo) $13,200.00
CASA of Larimer County (Larimer) $5,300.00
Food for Thought (Denver) $4,600.00
Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective (Asheville) $1,500.00
Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum (Broomfield) $2,500.00
Almost Home (Adams) $2,400.00
There with Care (Arapahoe) $2,200.00
Good Grief of Morristown (Morris) $1,800.00
City Kids (Teton) $5,900.00

Aug 2019


Greenhouse Scholars (Boulder) $12,300.00
SW Michigan Miracle League (Kalamazoo) $10,200.00
Colorado Youth Outdoors (Larimer) $5,300.00
Project Helping (Denver) $7,400.00
Asheville Day Stay (Asheville) $1,500.00
Broomfield Council of Arts and Humanities (Broomfield) $3,000.00
R.A.D. Advocates (Adams) $4,300.00
Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation (Arapahoe) $2,300.00

May 2019


Camp for Change (Boulder) $13,400.00
Hospital Hospitality House of SW Michigan (Kalamazoo) $10,000.00
Free Our Girls (Larimer) - $6,400 / Judi's House (Denver) $7,500.00
WNC Superheros (Asheville)` $2,000.00
Realizing Aptitudes (Broomfield) $3,100.00
Growing Colorado Kids (Adams) $1,000.00
Professional Miracles Foundation (Arapahoe) $2,300.00

Feb 2019


My Nature Lab (Boulder) $13,100.00
Disability Network (Kalamazoo) $11,100.00
FoCo Cafe (Larimer) $5,400.00
Hide in Plain Site (Denver) $7,000.00
Arms Around ASD (Asheville) $1,200.00
Senior Resources of Broomfield (Broomfield) $2,600.00
Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention (Adams) $1,100.00
Birthday Smiles (Arapahoe) $3,100.00

Nov 2018


Salute Colorado (Boulder) $13,600.00
Shalom, Inc. (Kalamazoo) $10,400.00
Project 31:25 (Larimer) $5,700.00
Come Back Yoga (Denver) $6,300.00
WNC Homeward Bound (Asheville) $2,400.00
A Precious Child (Broomfield) $1,500.00
Food For Hope (Adams) $1,100.00
Jiminy Wicket (Arapahoe) $3,800.00

Aug 2018


Boulder Food Rescue (Boulder) $12,600.00
Family & Children's Services (Kalamazoo) $9,200.00
SAVA (Larimer) $5,500.00
Save Our Youth (Denver) $5,500.00
Wounded Warrior Project (Asheville) $2,200.00

May 2018


El Comité de Longmont (Boulder) $13,600.00
Hands Up Foundation (Kalamazoo) $6,200.00
The Matthews House (Larimer) $5,500.00
Be the Gift (Denver) $9,600.00
Better Dads Festival (Asheville) $3,200.00

Feb 2018


Second Wind Fund of Boulder County (Boulder) $12,300.00
SLD Read (Kalamazoo) $6,275.00
CHAMP (Larimer) $5,200.00
First Descent of Denver (Denver) $4,000.00
Camp Tikvah (Asheville) $2,500.00

Nov 2017


Boulder County CareConnect (Boulder) $11,500.00
First Day Shoe Fund (Kalamazoo) $3,225.00

Aug 2017


Paradox Sports (Boulder) $11,400.00
Kalamazoo Friends of Recreation (Kalamazoo) $1,800.00

May 2017


Temple Grandin School (Boulder) $10,000.00

Feb 2017


The Empowerment Center (Boulder) $9,100.00

Nov 2016


Mother House (Boulder) $8,100.00

Aug 2016


Boulder Bridgehouse (Boulder) $7,100.00

May 2016


Focus Reentry (Boulder) $6,700.00

Feb 2016


Second Wind Fund of Boulder County (Boulder) $5,900.00

Nov 2015


SPAN (Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence) (Boulder) $3,400.00

Aug 2015


EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) (Boulder) $2,600.00

May 2015


Attention Homes (Boulder) $2,100.00

Why Guys
Guys Who Give
Jay - Member

"We get together for one hour, decide on which non-profit to support and we all write a check to that organization and our energy will transform, 100-fold! The power that you will see here, the energy you will find when more than 100 guys get together to make a difference in this world is something like you will never experience anywhere else."

Jay - Member

"The power of 100 like minds coming together for a common cause!"

Tom Hardie - Member

"There's something very rewarding about collaborating with other guys to give a meaningful shot in the arm to hard-working organizations in our own community. The format is efficient. The impact is timely and direct. I can't think of a better way to maximize a modest quarterly contribution."

Rick - Member

"What I love most about Guys Who Give is: While we're focused on an outward goal of helping local charities, we're organically creating an amazing inward result of a community of great guys getting to know each other and having fun."

Mike - Member

"These are local men stepping up to provide local, positive, impactful change in our community. Truly a real blessing."

Bryant Culler - Member

"Before I found GWG...I was looking for ways to give back to my community but couldn't find anything that worked with my schedule and was supporting something I really believed in. GWG works great for me! There is a minimal time commitment and the organization supports many different worthy causes."

Larry - Member

"I am just so happy to partner with other guys who have such big hearts that they want to work together and provide so much for those charities who are doing so much for those who have such important needs."

Steve Jeffers - Member

"I joined Guys Who Give Boulder County because I wanted to connect with more people in our community, and to donate more to local charities. The meetings are fun and easy, and just 4 times per year. We take time to share a beer with friends and meet new people, listen to nominations from our members, then vote on the charity we each want to support. The presentations are interesting, the groups wide-ranging, and the votes are sometimes surprising, but they are all worthy groups. It’s rewarding to be part of a group that knows how to have fun, while helping out our neighbors in this way."

Jeff Schuler - Member

"Guys Who Give just shows how a group of people coming together for the good of others doesn't have to be complicated and can be very powerful. It's great to see a bunch of guys pooling their resources together to make a large impact in the lives of others. I am extremely thankful that I was invited to be a part of this group."

Mike Crowe - Member

"Taking part in this group has been very rewarding and I've met some great guys who share a desire to give back, oh and there's the awesome brews from our host Gravity Brewing. There are so many organizations doing charitable work in our area, I can't imagine we'll ever run out of new recipients to help out, it's great to think that we have such an impact. Our community needs us all to help where and how we can; this opportunity is so easy to take part in and combines a group effort and throws in a fun quarterly gathering."

Larry Gerber - Member

"I am just so happy to partner with other guys who have such big hearts that they want to work together and provide so much for those charities who are doing so much for those who have such important needs."

Organization Testimonials